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Turlock H.S. Science Building

Location: Turlock, CA
Architect: Darden Architects
Square Footage: 35,712
Software Used: Revit, RAM SS and RISA 3D


The lateral system is comprised of ordinary concentrically braced frames (OCBF).  In the East-West direction the braced frames are ‘X’-type frames.  The North-South direction has narrower ‘Z’-types frames to fit between windows and to accommodate mechanical ducts.  The second-floor framing is steel beams with a concrete floor. The roof, high roof, and canopy are framed with steel beams and a metal deck. The foundation is traditional spread footings at gravity columns and grade beams at the braced frames.

Project Highlights:

Hey Turlock, your DNA is showing!  The west side of the building is protected from the sun with a 160’ long sunshade wall.  The sunshade’s louvers are arranged to resemble a DNA sequencing ladder of a bulldog (the school mascot).  The giant sunshade cantilevers off the building 5’ and extends 33’ above the ground.

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