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Sierra View District Hospital – Clinical Lab

Location: Porterville, CA
Architect: Darden Architects
Square Footage: 7,000 SF
Estimated Cost: $2,500,000
Software Used: Revit 2013, RAM Structural System


Structural steel framed building with concentrically braced frames as the lateral system.

Project Highlights:

Structural difficulties included, meeting the architects needs of having a steel hipped roof system while also maintaining a low profile out at the eave. Smoothly and efficiently transitioning from the high hipped roof to the 15 degree angle low flat roof, all while having to support full height glazing system in the same area. The low roof also presented many challenges because in many areas the spandrel glass continued past the roof diaphragm. Lastly, there were many custom interior ceilings and exterior canopies that had to be integrated into the structure because of their lack of structural support and location in relation to main structural elements.

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