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Liberty Elem. Multi-Purpose Building

Location: Kerman, CA
Architect: Teter
Square Footage: 9,855 SF
Estimated Cost: $4650000
Software Used: Revit 2014, RAM Elements


The multi-purpose building is constructed with concrete masonry units (CMU) walls.  The CMU walls pull double duty, acting as lateral resistance against wind and seismic forces while also supporting the roof.  The high and low roofs are framed with structural steel wide flanges.  The stage is framed with wood joist bearing on wood stud shear walls.

Project Highlights:

The CMU walls alone are not strong enough to support the girders framing out the high roof.  Hollow structural steel (HSS) columns are placed within the CMU cells for additional strength at each girder line.  The high roof girders frame directly to the HSS columns, while the low roof beams/girders frame into the CMU wall.

The entry feature is framed with curved HSS beams for wind resistance and light gauge steel studs for infill framing

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