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Golden State Shell Building

Location: Fresno, CA
Architect: Henderson Architectural Group
Square Footage: 7,008 SF
Estimated Cost: $1034000
Software Used: Revit 2015


The shell building is comprised of wood shear walls, glue laminated girders and 2x rafters. Hollow structural steel (HSS) columns are aligned with the interior walls.

Project Highlights:

The roof framing of the shell building is a panelized system. Panelized roof systems use cost-effective materials; increase erection time and improved worker safety. The panelized system coupled with glue laminate girders create a nearly column free space for future occupants.

The entry tower sits above glazing that turns the corner. As usual, the more interesting the architecture, the more difficult the engineering becomes. Some additional beams were added to the roof framing to support the tower.

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