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Chavez ES – MPR

Location: Parlier, CA
Architect: Darden Architects
Square Footage: 9,270
Estimated Cost: 5,700,000
Software Used: Revit & RISA 3D


The multi-purpose room uses plywood shear walls for its lateral system.  I-joist frame the high and low roofs for a cost-effective approach.  The stage is framed with wood joist and wood wall.  The high roof’s distinct look is achieved with large bent steel beams.

Project Highlights:

With the diagonal ridge and large overhang at the roof, this multi-purpose room brings a modern feel to an existing campus.

While the steel ridge girder is at an angle; the steel roof beams and wood purlins are framed orthogonally.  Cost effective I-joist frame most of the building’s roofs and traditional 2x6 studs frame the walls.  HSS members frame out the large windows and steel channels support the costume canopies.

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