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Agrian Office Building

Location: Clovis, CA
Architect: Henderson Architectural Group
Square Footage: 20,363 SF
Software Used: Revit


The office building is constructed out of wood framed shear walls. The roof is a panelized roof system made of 2x framing, with glue laminated beams and girders. Steel wide flange beams are employed when spans exceeded the practicality of glue laminated girders. There are steel canopies at various locations around the perimeter of the office building.

Project Highlights:

The main feature of the office building is the 45 foot wide, 13 foot tall glass wall at the entrance.  Since the glass wall steps in twice, three different structural conditions were created.  Part of the curtain wall is support by a steel wide flange, another is supported by a glue laminated beam, and center section is supported by a hung soffit.  The curved entry canopy is created with hollow structural steel (HSS) members and glue laminated beams.  The 46’ foot canopy at the rear of the building is hung from a wide flange beam in the roof.

The engineering team and the architect worked closely to make certain all interior columns were located within walls.  Each of the three girder lines are different, however the client received the exact interior layout they desired.

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