Nathan Miller

Associate Engineer

Civil Engineer (CA) #C85691

Staff photo of Nathan Miller

Nathan attained a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Fresno State in 2013.  Nathan started his Brooks Ransom career as a summer 2011 intern.  As just a sophomore, Nathan exceeded expectations and was retained as a part-time intern throughout his bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.  After graduating, Nathan joined Brooks Ransom full time.

Nathan is involved in primarily educational, medical, and specialty projects.  Through the years Nathan has become the go to source for highly technical and calibration heavy projects.  Nathan has mastered the design of fabric canopies, MEER buildings and finite element plate analysis.  Nathan’s career has grown from a summer intern to project leader and head of our internal information technology (IT) team.

Nathan grew up in Clovis and attended Clovis high school where he played water polo.  Nathan now lives in Fresno with his wife, Courtney, and two adorable dogs, Jax and Molly.  His family enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping.  Nathan is quite the handy man around the house and is often buildings his own furniture.

M.S. & B.S. Civil Engineering, California State University, Fresno

With Brooks Ransom Associates Since June, 2011

  • A.S.C.E
  • CSU Fresno Meat Lab Expansion, Fresno. CA
  • Modular Units, Various Locations
  • Dunlap Elementary School Modernization, Dunlap, CA
  • Alta Elementary School LMC Addition, Dinuba, CA
  • CUSD Warehouse Expansion, Clovis, CA
  • Bullard Talent Fabric Canopy, Fresno, CA
  • Cal Poly Fabric Shade Canopy, Pomona, CA
  • Clovis HS Modernization Phase 1, Clovis, CA
  • Monte Vista HS Fabric Canopy, Monte Vista, CA
  • San Diego International Airport Fabric Canopy, San Diego, CA
  • CCMC Birch MOB, Fresno, CA
  • Gallo Spirits Expansion, Modesto, CA
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms (M.E.E.R.), Various Locations