BitWise South Stadium

Fresno, CA
BitWise Render image

The two-story building was built in 1915 and used as an indoor car dealership.  The original north and east brick walls were determined to be sufficient to resisting lateral loads.  However, new steel braced frames were added to the west and south walls.  The braced frames anchor to the existing brick and run from the basement to the roof. The roof’s heavy timber trusses were exceedingly damaged and as a cost saving measure, the original roof structure was removed and a new roof was built. The original concrete interior floors were adequate for current code and remain in place.  As an indoor car dealership, there is a large concrete ramp for the first floor to the second.  The ramp was turned into a theater space, but to maintain line-of-sight the second floor was cut back and reinforced with steel beams. read more »

Turlock HS - Modernization

Turlock, CA
Turlock Gym Exterior 1 image

Turlock High School’s West Gym was brought back to life after years dry rot and termite damage.  This pre-World War II building was originally constructed with wood walls, wood rafters and steel roof trusses.  The original drawings showed a brick facade, but were omitted for cost concerns.  The upgraded building now reflects the original design intent.  The building’s damaged members were replace and brought up to current code.  Steel braced frames were repaired and upgraded to insure the building will last well into the future. read more »

Old Fresno Water Tower

Fresno CA
Old Fresno Water Tower image

Brooks Ransom Associates was selected by the Fresno Visitors Bureau to lead a design team whose task was to turn the previously abandoned tower into a fully functioning visitor information center. The historic Old Fresno Water Tower was built in 1894 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the San Joaquin Valley. The tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project included seismic analysis and retrofitting of the existing masonry structure as well as direction and coordination of design disciplines with state and local historical commissions. read more »

Paramount Citrus Plant

Los Angeles, CA
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The Paramount Citrus Plant was condemned following the Northridge earthquake. Members of Brooks Ransom flew in the day after the disaster to assess the extensive damage to the structures and devise a remedial support system to be erected, allowing the facility to remain in production. Within weeks, the City of Los Angeles’ approvals were obtained and the new support structure was under construction, thus lifting the condemned status of the facility. Various members of Brooks Ransom belong to the State of California Emergency Response Team. read more »

Salinas Juvenile Detention Facility

Salinas, CA
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This project consisted of a seismic study of 60-year old Administrative and Detention structures that had potentially sustained earthquake damage. The existing structural conditions were reviewed via inspection, testing, and structural analysis. The structure was built on top of an old swamp-like area, thus soils testing was necessary to determine the seismic response and settlement. There were no existing records of materials having been tested, so various materials also underwent extensive lab analysis. A plan study was submitted to the local government agency that addressed the issues of the column cracking, building connections, and potential methods to bring the facility up to the specified functional level indicated by the client. read more »