Barracks at Presidio of Monterey

Monterey, CA

Temple Anderson Moore Architects





The Barracks are constructed using metal studs, light weight concrete over metal deck supported by steel stud joists at floors, and pre-manufactured wood trusses at the roof structure. The lateral system consists of metal strapping at the walls. The foundation is conventional concrete footings.

Phase 1 of this project was the addition of two three-story wings onto existing barrack structures for the Army’s Language Institute. The success of Phase 1 resulted in the team being awarded the 2nd Phase - the construction of additional new barracks buildings. The design-build team was headed by J.I. Garcia Construction, Inc.

The unique design challenge of this project was to implement the intent of the progressive collapse requirements of the Department of Defense Interim Antiterrorism/Force Protection Construction Standards. The structural system required sufficient structural redundancy to allow for localized failures without the continued collapse of the overall building. Detailed computer modeling was used to estimate the extent of movement that will occur if different bearing walls are damaged.

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