Marsh Landing Generation Station

Antioch, CA
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GenOn's Marsh Landing Generating Station (MLGS) consists of four power 190 megawatt Siemens simple cycle gas turbine units. All of these units have “quick start” capability, so they can power up and be ready to produce electricity within a short period of time — another important feature in energy efficiency and environmental leadership. The MLGS will be sited adjacent to the existing Contra Costa Power Plant in unincorporated Contra Costa County, California, near the city of Antioch. This type of brownfield development makes use of existing infrastructure such as natural gas lines and electric transmission lines, enabling the state to preserve greenfield sites for other non-utility development. In addition to utilizing Best Available Control Technology — an EPA standard for emissions control — the project will incorporate LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an international standard for “green” construction. read more »

Ruiz Frozen Foods

Dinuba, CA
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Ruiz Foods is a nationally well-known food processing organization located in Dinuba, California. This multi-faceted project included the Corporate Offices, a processing plant, warehouse, -10 ° freezers, cold storage, packaging mezzanines, and truck docks. read more »

Danish Creamery Expansion

Fresno, CA
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One of the more difficult aspects of this project was the close proximity of the existing process tower on one side and circa 1915 original creamery buildings on the other side. One entire bearing line of the old building was removed along with portions of its roof to make room for the new tower. The process building is over 120-feet in height making it the equivalent of a 10-story commercial structure but far more complicated due to the enormous equipment loads suspended within it.   read more »

San Joaquin Valley Concentrate

Fresno, CA
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The concentrate facility was constructed in various phases and includes over 1.3 million gallons of juice storage. San Joaquin Valley Concentrate is one of the nation’s largest juice concentrate facilities. In addition to juice storage, the project includes cold storage facilities, extractor facilities, and a laboratory. Brooks Ransom Associates was also responsible for control of on-site floodwater. read more »

Dairyman Creamery Expansion

Turlock, CA
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This expansion project houses over 3 million pounds of equipment suspended within its walls. The expansion also included warehouses, cold storage, butter production, rail dock and truck dock facilities. The process tower is over 120-feet in height. Our firm also designed the original Dairymen’s process building in Los Banos, California and Phase I of this facility in Turlock. read more »