CMAD Head Quarters

Parlier, CA
CMAD Exterior image

The HQ is made of three different roof diaphragms and three exterior canopies.  The wood roofs are framed with, dimensional lumber for short spans and glue laminated beams for girders and longer spans.  Most of the roof framing is exposed throughout the building to give the space an industrial look. Fun Fact: the main entrance canopy is supposed to represent the wings of a mosquito. read more »

Agrian Office Building

Clovis, CA
Agrian Revit Render image

The main feature of the office building is the 45 foot wide, 13 foot tall glass wall at the entrance.  Since the glass wall steps in twice, three different structural conditions were created.  Part of the curtain wall is support by a steel wide flange, another is supported by a glue laminated beam, and center section is supported by a hung soffit.  The curved entry canopy is created with hollow structural steel (HSS) members and glue laminated beams.  The 46’ foot canopy at the rear of the building is hung from a wide flange beam in the roof. The engineering team and the architect worked closely to make certain all interior columns were located within walls.  Each of the three girder lines are different, however the client received the exact interior layout they desired. read more »

Lighthouse For Children

Fresno, CA
Lighthouse Tower image

Lighthouse for Children is a three story building in the heart of downtown Fresno.  The building features classrooms and a childcare center on the first floor, faculty offices on the second, and meeting space on the third.  The project will serve the Fresno community for years to come by providing many different programs for children under the First 5 program. read more »

Herndon Peach Business Center

Clovis, CA
Main Entrance image

Large canopies frame out the entry ways and draw in the eye of any visitors.  The interior has a limited amount of columns and the 40 foot bays allow for plenty of room for a future tenant.  Oversized windows and solar tubes in the roof provide plenty of natural light to the office space. read more »

Mercedez-Benz of Fresno 'Autohaus' Remodel

Fresno, CA
Title Shot of Building image

The ‘Autohaus’ Remodel is corporate wide upgrade to dealership’s exteriors and interiors. The new canopy is completely separated from the existing structure.  However, it is located close enough to existing structure to appear part of the original design.  To minimize deflection of the canopy, the columns are 12” schedule 100 pipe – that’s nearly a 1” thick wall!  Each column weighs a whopping 3,250 lbs. At the metal deck roof, Epicore deck was chosen for both its structural capabilities as well as its attractive visual appearance. read more »

Coffeehouse Container Stores

Denver, CO
1670889 slide dsc 6763 No Logo v2 image

LEED-certified drive-thru and walk-up store.  The structure is clad in beautiful old Wyoming snow fencing.  The idea is to create these pre-fab structures and clad them with local materials.  The cladding can be anything from old barn siding to used corrugated metal,  each one as unique as the last.   For more information see Mark Wilson's article. read more »

Justin Winery - Isosceles Building

Paso Robles, CA
Justin Winery image

This project utilized several structural systems mentioned above to provide an economical structure elegant in its architecturally exposed elements yet functional in accommodating the complexities of the site, structural requirements, and architectural design. read more »

Mercedez-Benz of Fresno

Fresno, CA
Mercedez-Benz of Fresno Building image

This project utilized several structural systems to maximize open space and accommodate the architectural design in an economical manner. The design presented a unique challenge in mating the rigid concrete structure of the service department with the flexible diaphragm showroom and office structure. Compatibility and proper load distribution for design of the lateral systems were determined using stiffness interaction analysis of the two multi-level systems. read more »

Red Carpet Signature Building

Fresno, CA
Completed Red Carpet Building image

This small yet complex project provided a unique design and analysis challenge in that the pitched roof of the structure is made up of two planes which bisect each other to provide for opposing clerestory windows. The complex roof structure required the use of three dimensional CAD drawings to adequately communicate the steel frame configuration and top of steel elevations on the construction documents. read more »

Robert Hall Winery & Caves

Paso Robles, CA
Robert Hall Completed image

With 40' clear span intersecting tunnels, the cut and cover caves for this project were designed using three dimensional finite element analysis to ensure proper design of the concrete structure. read more »