Announcing the Next Generation

Brooks Ransom Associates is proud to introduce you to the next generation of
leaders for our firm.

In the next few years the senior members of our firm will begin to enjoy more leisure
time as they move toward retirement.

Scott Carter, Dioseline Padron, Nathan Miller, and Eric Bain have moved into
ownership positions in the firm and will be transitioning into corporate leadership
positions as the senior partners move toward retirement.

Beginning in February of 2019, Scott Carter will take over the position of President
of Brooks Ransom Associates. Rick Ransom will continue as the Chief Financial
Officer for the firm. Art Lopez, Dwight Drew, and Klare Yavasile will remain in their
positions as Vice Presidents of the firm.

We look forward to continuing to provide quality Structural Engineering services to
all our clients and we will continue to do so as we begin a smooth transition of
leadership in our firm.

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