Overall Concept

Interns with BRA will be assigned a staff engineer as a mentor/trainer for the entire length of their internship.  This mentor is responsible for the daily oversight of the workload and performance of that particular intern.  The program is separated into two distinct parts.  The first part is a pre-planned curriculum which should take a full time intern four to eight weeks to complete depending on their abilities and engineering knowledge.  The second part is to assist the BRA mentor with daily, billable projects in both the areas of analysis and drafting.

Program Goals

The overall goal of the Brooks Ransom Associates (BRA) Internship Program is to provide a structure for BRA staff members to efficiently and confidently teach and instruct new BRA interns in our ways of successfully being this area’s top engineers.

  • Create an environment where BRA interns can be encouraged with gradual, attainable milestones while learning the industry of structural engineer

  • Increase the productivity interns during the early stages of the program through real world application that cannot be learned in the classroom.

  • Improve the learning experience of interns through real world application that will prepare them to be a valuable asset to BRA or similar structural engineering firm.

  • Give BRA staff avenues to learn and improve management and teaching skills.

Marshmallow Bridge

A fun bridge building competition, between all BRA interns, held every summer.