The key to any successful consulting firm is the people behind the service. At Brooks Ransom Associates, we believe in providing a work environment that supports and encourages one to pursue their career interests and achieve their goals within each employee's position in the firm for the utmost in job satisfaction. With an active mentoring program and support for continuing education, we recognize that the contribution and development of each individual's skills and interests essentially lead to the collective success of the Brooks Ransom team. We often discuss design issues in an open forum to take full advantage of the knowledge and resources offered by our employees. Our office is specifically designed to facilitate this interaction with a large central layout space for open discussions. It is our firm position that the value of each employee is equally important to the success of Brooks Ransom Associates and our ability to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients on each and every project.

We always welcome resumes no matter what position you are seeking to fill. Please see our list of positions, currently open within our firm. Resumes may be sent via email or contact us through this website.